This package is for those clients that would like complete guidance in re-designing a room or space.

It includes suggestions for every item within the room and where to purchase the selected finishes, furniture and decorative item.

We will send you a questionnaire which contains a series of related questions about your home, colour choices, preferred style and your budget. We will also ask you to submit photograph/ scanned floor plan (which you can get from agreement copy), room photographs and simple dimensions of the selected room/area. This information plays a vital role in the design processes. It helps us devise the brief information & saves you the added expense of a professional designer visiting your home to do the same. Once you submit the relevant information we then design a room that optimizes the space that is functional, in sync with universal golden ratio and thus aesthetically pleasing.

The design includes the following:

  1. Drafted floor plan showing furniture layout
  2. Finishes and furniture schedule (shopping list), nominating executers of furniture, floor and wall finishes and/or suppliers of such items.
  3. Accessories recommendation like light fixtures, rugs, artwork etc
  4. Colours and finishes shown on a mood board

NOTE: A maximum of 3 options will be provided.

The following is a description of what the package contains that you will receive from us.

  1. Drafted floor plan - the layout will be drafted as a scaled floor plan. Furniture and all selected items will be shown at scale and labelled within the floor plan for your reference.
  2. Finishes + furniture schedule (shopping list) - this is a detailed list of all required items within the room. It lists paint colours, floor finishes, furniture, furnishing item and decorative items. This specification is your 'shopping guide' with proposed brands for various items, wall finishes, furniture and the supplier's details in most cases. Finalised furniture and decorative pieces will be either made/ selected from online stores allowing the client to order directly on line from home.
  3. Colour and finishes mood board - [DEFN: A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. They may be physical or digital, and can be "extremely effective" presentation tools.] This board includes images of the selected furniture and decorative items, paint and fabric samples to help you visualize the new space. It will also include some relevant photographs to visualise your space even better.

**Note: Above is an online service, however, if Designer visit required: charges at Rs.2000/hr
Rs.100/sq ft or Rs.20,000/room
*NOTE: A 60% deposit can be paid and the balance paid on completion.