BC Interiors

BC Interiors formarly Bizarre Concepts Inteiors was founded in 2005 and later in 2014 restructured to the "BC Interiors".

An idea is the very base of great creations. And if that idea is bizarre i.e. strange, out of the ordinary, unusual, fantastic then just imagine.

BC Interiors is an imminent and fast growing interior design firm.

Our focus is on innovative solutions that gives better, new and functional designs at low final cost.

In a short period since conception, BC Interiors has served customers, both large and small, giving start to end solutions.

"We Serve Residential & commercial property owners in Mumbai & Pune, who are looking out for exuberant, glamorous and delightful interiors; at the same time also expects it to be practical & cost-effective."

BC Interiors expresses personality and place. Renowned for our exuberant colour sense, our eye for the unique and telling detail, our practical approach to planning, and our contemporary styles, we create inviting and resolutely liveable environment.